15 Fresh Ideas For A Dissertation On 20th Century Information Technology

Your desire to enhance your knowledge about computer systems and software has led you to pursue a doctoral degree in information technology. Part of the requirement before you are awarded this degree includes submission and approval of a dissertation. For your academic paper, you are required to research and write on 20th century information technology. It is a broad topic and gives you the opportunity to analyze some of the different ways information technology has impacted economic growth, fostered communication, improved socialization, enhanced people’s learning abilities and lots more in the 20th century.

Whether your aim of acquiring a degree in information technology is to be an academician in that sector, work as an administrator, technical manager or software developer, here are some fresh ideas for a dissertation on 20th century information technology. They are as follows:

  • How successful is the strategy of marketing through cell phone networks?
  • E-commerce apps – What can be done to gain users’ trust?
  • The 20th century information technology – How much has it impacted on children’s mental development?
  • An analysis of the impact of information technology on teenagers’ physical development
  • Information technology in the 20th century – To what extent has developing countries benefitted?
  • Multi-agent systems – A critical look at its design patterns
  • Business strategies in the 20th century – How far has information technology impacted on them?
  • Information technology and management control – A look at the relationship
  • Information technology – An analysis of its influence on processes in the 20th century
  • An analysis of the best IT systems in the 20th century
  • Information technology – A comparison of past and present centuries
  • Understanding the impact of information technology on effective business management
  • Information technology in the 20th century – How has it impacted on mortality rates?
  • An analysis of the impact of the rapidly changing IT world on crimes in the 20th century
  • 20th century information technology breakthroughs – The gainers and losers

If you take a critical look at these fresh ideas, you will have no doubt that they would make very strong topics for dissertation papers on 20th century information technology. As already seen, the IT world is rapidly and continuously evolving and with such progress comes new technologies. Make sure that the researches you carry out in sourcing for information are done through reputable and current publications. This way, you can be sure of having access to information regarding latest developments in the IT world.

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