A List Of Good Dissertation Topics Related To Education: Top 25 Suggestions

The purpose of your dissertation paper is to add to the body of study and research already existent in your chosen field. It’s better to be tightly focused than too broad. In the education discipline you have lots of choices. You can divide your field into ranges like pre-school education, teacher education, private school, holistic education, adult education, home schooling, primary school, college or university.

The following 25 ideas are a good place for you to start. You can browse through them and find something that sparks your interest, then make it unique by adding your own twist on it or a different perspective.

  1. Has the pre-school system been improved by the introduction of the Montessori program?

  2. Should pre-school age begin at 24 months rather than waiting until four years of age? What advantages or disadvantages would be associated with the younger starting age?

  3. How are the current teacher to student rations in pre-school faring? Should there be more teachers per number of students? Why or why not?

  4. How important is testing on primary school age children for measuring their performance levels? Is this the most effective method? Investigate other possibilities.

  5. How do current primary education models compare to those of two decades ago? Has efficiency increased? Are there flaws in the system? What are they?

  6. Does standardised testing serve an indisputable role in secondary school education? What downfalls are apparent? What solutions could be postulated?

  7. Is co-ed schooling effective for college level students?

  8. Should primary school education allow more independent study?

  9. Should learning in primary school be more self-directed?

  10. Is it beneficial to employ gender segregation in public school?

  11. Is there a benefit to pairing failing students with high achievers?

  12. Should current issues such as conservation and environment have equal place with math and language?

  13. Should there be more education based on religious and racial tolerance and acceptance?

  14. Should entrepreneurship hold a higher place in business and management degrees?

  15. Have the college level courses been kept up to date with today’s information age?

  16. Should tuition for medical schools be lowered to promote students specializing in areas that have begun to decline in enrollment?

  17. Should university degrees be altered to reflect the need for students to work while going to school, perhaps from the current 4 years to 5 or even 10 years?

  18. Does university attendance affect labour shortage?

  19. Has teacher dedication risen or fallen in the last 10 years?

  20. Are teachers adequately trained to handle the social pressures students are faced with?

  21. Is the principal more of a manager or administrator?

  22. Do teachers feel safe in the classroom?

  23. Do private schools nurture a student’s personality and character better than public schools are able to?

  24. Are the costs of private school adequately offset by the scholarships available?

  25. Are drugs and weapons more of a plague of public schools?

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