Excellent Original Dissertation Topics In Management

Management is one of the most sought after qualifications of the 21st century, most often making up a large part of a school population at any given time. This makes the subject likely to be a contender for contributing the most data to academia as a result of the countless number of research projects undertaken by students.

When pursuing any university degree, you will be required to complete a dissertation and this can be a challenging task. For this exercise, students are expected to formulate and conduct professional quality research, research paper included, to be presented to their educators for grading. When doing your dissertation, one of the most important steps is the selection of a topic, which is a task that should not be taken lightly. Consider this list of excellent topics to help you make a good choice for you management dissertation:

  1. What is the best strategy available to companies attempting to maintain their product momentum in their area of operation?

  2. What are the most effective strategies, that can be easily implemented by a small company, to compete with larger companies in the same market?

  3. When two companies attempt a merge, there are many problems that can arise as a result. What are the most successful ways, creative managers were able to overcome these problems and at what cost?

  4. During a credit crisis, what is the most likely course of action to be taken by large finance firms?

  5. What are the most successful measures, employed by managers to maintain stability within a company?

  6. What are the main organizational moves that should be taken by a top bank, to maintain its status is a large market like the UK?

  7. How do companies find a balance in their industries when they are involved in different, unrelated aspects of business?

  8. What are the major challenges faced by retailers attempting to compete with top companies in an open market?

  9. Many airlines have been losing profit margins in recent years. Show how better management actions could have altered the faith of these failed airlines.

  10. Many companies still use paper based filing systems, even though computer based systems are more efficient. What are the managements decisions that lead to the failure to implement modernized filing systems based on computer technology?

  11. What are the effects of implementing management information systems into old companies?

  12. When the leader of a large corporation retires, what are the most important decisions to be made?

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