A Selection Of Psychology Master's Dissertation Topics To Consider

To get a top score on a psychology master's dissertation, students have to research and write an exceptional argument. They need to find a unique topic that has never been researched before. Since so much time will be spent on this document, students need to make sure that they find a topic idea that they actually care about. To begin brainstorming new ideas, students can read through some of the topics that are included on this list.

The Best Psychology Master's Dissertation Topics

  1. 1. Does Altruistic Prosocial Behavior Training Protect Inner City Adolescents From Succumbing to Violence?
  2. 2. The Impact of Racial Identity and Stressors on the Academic Achievement of Rural African-American Adolescents
  3. 3. Depression and Smoking Rates Among Students Coping With the Transition to College Life
  4. 4. A Neurophysiological Perspective on Music Perception
  5. 5. How Effective Is the Eco-Map at Identifying Psychologically Distressed Elementary School Students?
  6. 6. How Is Anxiety Exhibited in Autism Spectrum Disorders?
  7. 7. Parenting Practices and Childhood Anxiety Reported
  8. 8. Do Children Use Topological Landmarks?
  9. 9. Can Mental Health Self-Reports Indicate Which High School Students Are More Likely to Drop Out?
  10. 10. Dehumanizing Metaphors Effect on Female Self-Perception
  11. 11. Mathematics Abilities in Students Who Attended Pre-Kindergarten
  12. 12. The Relationship Between the Occurrence of Negative Events and Developing Depressive Symptoms
  13. 13. The Connection Between Goal Orientation and Worker Well-Being
  14. 14. Dressing for Success: Clothing Selection by the Job Applicant and Evaluator Prejudice
  15. 15. Self-Efficacy and Academic Potential Among Students With Controlling Parents
  16. 16. The Effect of Violence on Mental Health Outcomes
  17. 17. Perspectives on White Privilege Among White American College Students
  18. 18. How do Chronic Phase Shifts Impact Melatonin Rhythms?
  19. 19. Neuropsychological Functioning Among Depressed Teenagers Who Are Given Electroconvulsive Therapy
  20. 20. The Likelihood of Destructive College Drinking Among Individuals With Psychopathic Traits
  21. 21. Does Knowledge of HIV/AIDS Risks Impact an Adolescent's Sexual Behaviors and Outcomes?
  22. 22. The Role of Pediatric Somatization in Anxiety Sensitization
  23. 23. The Effects of Family, Friends and Hyper-Masculine Attitudes on the Future Attainments of Urban Black Male Adolescents
  24. 24. Rates of Substance Abuse Following Traumatic Events Like Hurricane Katrina
  25. 25. Comparison of Childhood Anxiety Rates in China and the United States
  26. 26. Altruism Among Toddlers: Does It Exist?
  27. 27. Sports as a Buffering Variable for Youths With Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  28. 28. How Perceived Social Support Impacts Mental Health in a Community
  29. 29. Rejection Sensitivity, Anxiety and Self-Identity in Native American Adolescents
  30. 30. Language Acquisition and Semantic Priming Among Infants in Mandarin Speaking and English Speaking Families
  31. 31. Sociolinguistic Stereotypes and How Syntactic Processing Occurs
  32. 32. Risk Exposures Cumulative Impact on Memory Impairments and Family Cohesion

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