How To Craft A Dissertation Problem Statement: Tips And Examples

The dissertation is a challenging project for several reasons. The first is that the scope of the project can take months to complete. Another reason involves the fact that research must be conducted and gathered. Finally, the project is not just a simple essay, the dissertation includes many distinctive parts, so students need to know how to craft them and write them perfectly. One of the most important parts of the dissertation is the problem statement, which is a challenging because it requires the writer to select an actual problem that is complex enough for a dissertation, but small enough for a 200-word piece of writing.

Length and Style

The problem statement is a separate part of the dissertation and it should be approximately 200-words in length, which normally is contained in one or two paragraphs. This part of the dissertation is the first part that any dissertation committee member looks to before reading any other part of the paper. The problem statement needs to be about a real problem that affects some form of society and needs to be solved. Your problem statement will include the problem you choose with the solution you propose. The rest of your dissertation will include the research and steps that you took to help you solve your problem.

Methods and Examples

The problem statement also needs to include the methods that you plan to use to solve the problem. This is a vital step that too many students unfortunately do incorrectly. This part of the statement does not need the actual research you are planning to conduct, just the methods that you are going to use. For example, if you plan to use a survey, you do not include the survey, just the fact that you are going to use a survey. You could also make a model, create an experiment, or evaluate research that has already been conducted.

Questions to Answer

You will also need to include the answers to a few questions. The answers need to be short and sweet, because of the fact that the dissertation statement is such a short part of the paper. You should answer questions about the population that will be affected by your solution, whether the problem will be addressed quantitatively or qualitatively, and what outcomes you expect to find. To make this easier for you, your dissertation committee should give you thorough guidelines for the entire project and all of the parts.

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