List Of Great Dissertation Ideas Related To Social Policy

Social policy is a field that many people often debate about. There are many arguable topics that need to be researched. If you need to write a dissertation on social policy but don’t know what topic to choose, you may look at the list of ideas below. You may take one of these ideas and narrow it to a certain extent in order to make your research unique and interesting.

  1. Issues related to the gun control.
  2. Moral aspects of the organ donation.
  3. Conflicts in the society based on the racial discrimination.
  4. Possible dangers of adopting children by gay couples.
  5. Reasons to reduce the legal age for drinking alcohol from 21 to 18.
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of the legalization of prostitution.
  7. Dangers of not having an obligatory army.
  8. Reasons to allow polygamous marriages.
  9. Ways to achieve the free education for everyone.
  10. Necessary limits to the freedom of expression.

You may also use this list as an inspiration to come up with your own original ideas. However, you should remember that choosing a topic is only the first step. To write a great dissertation, you should do thorough research on the chosen topic. Otherwise, your arguments won’t be supported by persuasive evidence and your study won’t have any practical meaning.

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