What To Know While Writing A Dissertation Proposal On Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is becoming an increasing problem world wide in our society today. As the economy in America continues to be problematic, more and more persons turn to illegal ways of earning money, of course.

Human trafficking is often a popular topic in the social sciences, political sciences, history courses, and in criminal justice studies. Each of these disciplines will approach this topic in a different way, of course.

When writing a dissertation proposal on such a world-wide phenomena as this, of course, you’ll have to narrow your focus to a small area of the world or upon one unique aspect of the problem, as you will in any discipline.

First, let’s discuss what the dissertation proposal is really all about.

What is a Dissertation Proposal?

A dissertation proposal discusses, in depth, exactly what your dissertation will set out to prove. The proposal discusses all of the following things

  1. Your basic original argument regarding human trafficking
  2. Your basic focus within the larger problem of human trafficking
  3. Discusses how your project will contribute to the extant research
  4. Discusses the kind of research you will utilize within your dissertation
  5. And, overall, justifies the importance of your original course of study by proving its significance within the realm of scholarship.

Writing a Dissertation Proposal on Human Trafficking: How to Get Help

With the internet and its valuable wealth of educational resources today, help writing a dissertation proposal of any kind is easier than it has ever been. Also, there are resources at your college you may not have even considered.

Ask a Student Who Is Currently Working on or Has Finished Their Dissertation

This is a great way to see a correctly formatted, successful dissertation proposal—asking a student whose dissertation proposal has already been approved—in fact, ask a student in your same major area—so they will be using the same format and documentation methods.

Look Online for Sample Dissertation Proposals

You can even view student dissertation proposals on human trafficking from all over the world as this is a worldwide problem today. Often, in viewing all the different angles and original arguments students have invented to approach this topic, you will come up with your own, more original idea. You do not always have to have a completely original idea so much as having a good idea that you will bring new insights to the forefront on.

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