How To Write My Dissertation – 10 Helpful Tricks

Writing a dissertation is a task that only a small number of students can accomplish without any help. Others need examples and advice related to this matter. There are a few things that every student should know before starting to work on his or her paper. This article will help you learn these tips and write a brilliant work.

  1. Choose a proper topic.
  2. Selecting a topic for your paper is a very important step. A decent topic is a key element of a successful work. Choose a topic that will be interesting for you and your readers.

  3. Do thorough research.
  4. There is no sense to write a dissertation without researching your topic thoroughly. You should read the works of other people related to your topic. This will help you fill in the gaps of their research and come up with new fresh ideas.

  5. Create an outline.
  6. Before you start working on your paper, you should make a good outline for it. This will help you present your research smoothly and logically. If you’re not sure about your outline, you should consult your instructor.

  7. Compose your thesis statement.
  8. Basing on your topic, you should compose a proper thesis statement for your paper. It should represent the goals of your research and be understandable for your readers. Make a few drafts of a thesis statement and choose the one that is most relevant to your topic.

  9. Make the introduction.
  10. This part of your dissertation should attract the attention of your readers and give a basic understanding of your topic. The introduction should be finished with a thesis statement that will set a course for your research.

  11. Make the body.
  12. In this section you should present your research. Start with a theoretical material on your topic. Continue describing the methods that you used during your research. Finally, you should write about the results of your work.

  13. Make the conclusion.
  14. Sum up the main points given in your paper. Restate your thesis statement and propose ways for further research of your topic.

  15. Include a bibliography.
  16. Here you should include all papers and books written by other authors that were used in your research.

  17. Include appendices.
  18. It’s also necessary to include additional materials that you couldn’t put in the body of your paper, like illustrations, graphs, and charts.

  19. Write an abstract.
  20. When your dissertation is completed, you should write an abstract for it. This is a small document that describes the contents of your paper.

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