Is There Any Way I Can Write My Dissertation In 5 Days?

If the question posed was: “Should I write my dissertation in five days?” the answer would be an overwhelming: no. The more time and attention you can spend on something as important as your thesis, the better. However, that wasn’t the question! So, if you’re asking: “Is there any way I can write my dissertation in 5 days?” it’s very likely that you’ve actually only got five days left to accomplish the task, and therefore the answer would become: yes!

Various personal circumstances may have left you with only a few days to create your thesis, so if this is the case, let’s crack on with it! You can do it! Here’s how:

  • Sometimes working under pressure can work in your favor. Approaching deadlines weighing upon you can actually help to motivate you in a way you’ve not felt before. Harness the power of last minute stress and turn it into motivation!

  • You should approach the writing in exactly the same way as if you had regular time to complete it. Actually, it’s very likely that at some point before you’ve had to write an essay in five days or less, so let’s forget the importance of a thesis and tackle it in the same way as any other paper.

  • Firstly you need to gather together your research, make notes and come up with an outline for your thesis. This will include the introduction, the text body chapters and the conclusion. Work out which information you want to put where, how many chapters you need and how many words (roughly) you should devote to each section. The more you plan this, the easier it will be to accomplish the writing in a short amount of time.

  • You can leave writing the introduction until last. An introduction will contain your aims and objectives of the paper and detail research and sources used and what conclusions may be reached. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to write it once you’ve completed the main body of your work.

  • Once you have your outline, it’s time to create the first draft. Yes- even with the clock ticking, you shouldn’t just write your paper once and say, “That’ll do!” As long as you’ve put a schedule in place and stuck to the planning of each part, you should have a day or two left to polish.

  • So after you’ve written the first draft, read it through again- taking note of: flow, structure, format, spelling, grammar, choice of vocabulary, relevant information and sources used, annotation of references… and all such things. Don’t forget you get marked on all these aspects, so the more time you can spend getting the details right, the better.

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