Formatting A Dissertation Title Page: APA Guidelines

In a dissertation document, the title page is the page that comes first and is written at the top.

There are many elements of a title page.

These are

  1. Running Head and label or shortened title

  2. Full title of the paper

  3. Author by-line is divided into three parts-

    • Author’s first name
    • Author’s middle initial
    • And author’s last name

  4. Write the name of affiliated institution or the organization. It can be one or many in number.

  5. Author note is optional part of the title page.

Instructor’s advice: The direction of your instructor is very important. If some additional information is demanded by the professor like date of submission, title, course number, name of the professor etc, do it without fault. There should be no mistakes in terms of spellings or numbers.

General Format:

  • The title page should have double spaces.
  • Typing should be in Times New Roman, 12 points.
  • Margins should be 1 inch from all the sides.

Running head and label: They should be flushed on the left hand corner of the upper hand side.

  • Page number should be flushed on the upper right hand corner.
  • Running head appears only on the title page. It appears in shortened form on other pages.
  • Letters of running head are capitalized. They should be less than 50 words ( including letters, spaces and punctuation).

Full title of the paper: It should be in the centre on upper half part of the page

  • First letter should be capital.
  • Paper’s title should be less than 12 words and should be written in 1-2 lines.
  • No abbreviation should be used.
  • No need to use bold, italics, underlining or quotation marks.

Author by-line format: Author’s first name, middle name and the last name should be written after the title of the research paper. If there are two authors they should be separated by word-“and”, however if more than two authors are there, comma should be used. It appears at the bottom of the page aligned at the centre. It includes your name, the name of the institution and the date of submission of the dissertation.

Institutional affiliation: It comes after the author by-line. Write name of college or university with which you are associated and that have provided you the support.

Additional information: It comes at the end after the institutional affiliation section. Any additional note asked by your professor should be written at the lower half of the title page.

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