Choosing Excellent Finance Dissertation Topics: Tips And Examples

The main problem with a finance dissertation is that by definition it is going to mostly about numbers. Many people find it tough going, even if mathematics is their passion, to make a list of figures interesting to read.

You will need to get a balance between text and numbers in your work. In most cases that will be more text and fewer numbers. Keep your figures for shock value, to highlight what you say in the text, and your dissertation will be easier to read.

Where to look

  • The first place to look is old research papers. In the conclusion of a good paper, the researcher may point out the limitations on their project and have listed ways in which their work could be carried forward.
  • Check over your notes from your classes. There might be something in there that can spark your ideas
  • It may be that you are searching for an up-to-date topic and the latest finance journals and business magazine can give you the latest trends.

Hints on what to look for

  • While deciding on your topic you should consider that your work will present your abilities to a potential employer, if you cannot figure out how to discuss it in an interview you might want to consider something else. This work should be a sales pitch, with the product of you.

  • It is not enough to choose a subject you are passionate about, what you need to consider is how much more do you want to learn about this subject? You really need a topic that you are enthusiastic to learn a great deal more about, because that is what is going to happen. Start with your existing abilities and interests, check back on any relevant work experience somewhere you will find your perfect topic.

  • Keep in mind their body of experience when you are choosing a supervisor. Check out their dissertation and you will learn what they will expect from yours. If you can match your choice of topic to a field in which your supervisor is high knowledgeable then you will find your work very much easier.

A few ideas to get you started

  1. A study of how interest rates affect share prices.

  2. Can microfinance empower women in developing countries?

  3. How might stock market development affect growth in a country?

  4. Is there any way to predict financial crises?

  5. Crisis management in the financial sector.

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