How To Choose The Right Format For A Thesis Paper Introduction

These are common type of writing being done by students at various levels. For most of them, they place much concentration on the body and will pay very little attention to the introduction. They have the misguidance that the body is the important part of the thesis, since it contains the findings and also procedures. The introduction has its own marks and sufficient attention is quite appropriate for this type of writing. An introduction should be written bearing in mind the following rules:

  1. Ensure it contains an attention getter. This can be achieved by either use of relevant statistics, use of an integrated quote or asking a provoking question.

  2. Use one sentence to bridge your readers from the attention getter to the main idea of your writing.
  3. Check your thesis statement is the last statement in your introduction. Write it in a clear and argumentative mannerю

Though the above are some of the rules, what should you include in your introduction paragraph? Despite which form of structure you may use, the introduction has certain aspects which should be included in all formats of writing. This will include using a hook at the start of the introduction. This is a statement which is used to motivate the reader to have the morale of reading the whole article. Make sure you draw the reader towards wanting to continue reading your writing.

In the next paragraph you should cite previous research areas done by former scholars or groups of people or organizations. This is basically useful since it sites who was the first to introduce a certain idea and also a number of people who have done any recent and relevant workю

Some of the additional sections which belong in the introduction include:

  • Stating the goal of your paper. Why you have undertaken to do a certain research and also write the paper
  • Background information which will allow the reader to understand the context in a clear manner

  • Acknowledgement of any previous work

  • A clear focus on the concerned thesis question without much consideration to summarizing everything you have read concerning the given topic

  • A scope of your works. This includes what will be included and also what will not be included

Make sure that the conclusion is your original work. You should break up the introduction into logical parts.

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