Crafting A Graduate Dissertation On Database Management Systems

Working your way through these tips will help you to craft your dissertation on database management systems. Writing such an important paper will have a long term effect on your career so you need to spend some quality time on its preparation before you actually start writing.

  • Before you start.
  • Take the time to read through the instructions that your professor has given you. If you lose a copy of the instructions then you may be able to access them through your school or college's intranet.

    At this point make an appointment with your professor. You may not have any queries at the moment but you will as you start processing the information. Make a note of any queries that you have.

  • Look at other related work.
  • Make sure that you understand what you need to produce. Have a look at other dissertations within your field of study. Your professor or the librarian may be able to pull some ideas for you.

    When you read the other dissertations, read them as if you were part of the academic panel, be critical make notes of strategies that you find helpful and also the ones that you will avoid.

  • Ideas.
  • Before you start working on your hypothesis, start a project diary. You could use a file on your computer or get a note book that is handy enough to carry on your bag at all times.

    The project diary is where you will ot down all of your ideas. You will find that some of your best ideas will come to you at the times when you are not actually working on your paper. Using a diary is better then scraps of paper that get lost.

  • Hypothesis
  • If you already had an idea of what you want to explore or the aspect that you are going to take regarding data base systems, now is the time to start brainstorming, you will get your best ideas at this point and enlarge on them as your work.

    Find the database management system that sticks out to you as the most useful, what are the positives and negatives about the system and how can it be built into something even better (if possible).

  • Literature review.
  • Search for papers and articles that support your ideas. Choose pieces of work that offer a neutral opinion of the database management system that you have chosen. Make notes.

    By taking notes, no matter how brief it will save you time later when you are writing up and also when you are talking to your professor as you will have at your fingertips the reason why you include or exclude a paper.

Good Luck

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