Quick Tips On How To Format A Dissertation Contents Page

The contents page for your paper is one of the most important parts of your work. Incredibly, it barely gets mentioned in the instructions that you are given for the task you need to do, but its importance is such that you can only ignore at your own peril. There are different people who have managed to learn how to use this particular page in different ways, but what matters most is the need for you to make sure you certainly spend more time making it relevant.

Lots of students fail to take note of this, and eventually lose a number of marks that were easily theirs for the taking. When you are writing your paper, one of the most important things you have to know is that this page will be the main guide to all the work you are doing. When your teacher looks at it, first they know what is in your paper and whatever is missing.

Other than just knowing what is and what is not in your paper, it is also incredible to use this, so that they can easily navigate to the work you are doing, without having to search through page after page. The following are some useful tips that will help you make the contents page awesome:

  1. Name the headings appropriately
  2. Highlight and tag the headings
  3. Set the table of contents page
  4. Format the entire paper

  • Name the headings appropriately
  • As you are writing the paper, go back and highlight the headings. Having done this, name them appropriately. Include the chapters and the subtitles because these will be important when you are making the final table of contents for your work.

  • Highlight and tag the headings
  • The headings are supposed to be different from the rest of the other parts of the paper. They should have a slightly larger font size than the normal text, so make sure you do this. If possible align them either centrally or justified according to the instructions that you have been given.

  • Set the table of contents page
  • Go to the beginning of your paper and select a page from where you would love to have the table of contents inserted, and place it there.

  • Format the entire paper
  • Finally, once you have all the information in this chapter, go on and format your paper so that everything is in order.

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