10 Provocative US Foreign Policy Dissertation Topics

Foreign policy has been evolving rapidly over the years. This presents numerous ideas to write a proactive US foreign policy dissertation. A proactive topic avoids the common choices that have been written about for years. It also means a compelling paper that will be interesting to read and at the same time insightful. Some of the most interesting topics include:-

  1. 1.America’s engagement with Islamic states in the face of the fight against terrorism
  2. 2.The role of the media in execution of America’s foreign policy
  3. 3.Changing foreign policy in the face of a growing Chinese influence
  4. 4.The American relation with Africa during Obama’s era
  5. 5.The differences in foreign policy approach for republicans and democrats
  6. 6.The changing relationship between America and Russian-leaning nations
  7. 7.The influence of trade in determining American foreign policy
  8. 8.The impact of oil in determining the American foreign relation
  9. 9.The influence of human and women rights on American foreign relations
  10. 10.Foreign policy decisions that have led America into wars

There are numerous topics and ideas you can explore in your US foreign policy dissertation. However, not all will be considered compelling and interesting to read. What makes a topic interesting to read?

  • Fresh- while foreign policy has an element of history, it is important to choose an area that is rare studied. Avoid tiring your reader with content that has been studied year after year. This will lead to fatigue and discourage the reader from going beyond the title.
  • Captivating- a captivating title arouses curiosity and invites your reader to dig deeper into the paper. Such a title is created by finding a unique angle to what would be considered mundane. The phrasing of your title and the approach you give to a certain issue will matter in developing a captivating paper.
  • Relevant- it is upon the writer to highlight the relevance of every paper in the process of writing. This is done by creating a connection between an event, in this case a policy, and day-to-day life. Avoid a perspective or paper that does not resonate with the lives of ordinary people or the nation at present.

The choice of topic for your US foreign policy dissertation will determine its appeal. A reader must develop greater interest by reading the title. Use the right words to make it as interesting and insightful as possible.

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