How Can I Get A Well-Written Sample Of A Dissertation For Free?

When I had to write my dissertation some twenty years ago now, at first I felt frightened. How could I ever complete a project of this length? I wondered. Plus, when I consulted the Dissertation Guidelines at my school I was equally confused. Why are dissertations formatted with a left margin of nearly two and a half inches I wondered? (Of course, this makes a 250 page project more like a 170 page document, in reality, so it is less writing). Also, I consistently wondered if I was on the right track, and THAT kind of anxiety is not only very hard on you, it also can inhibit your progress and your writing, especially.

Why Examples of Dissertation Can Revolutionize Your Own

One great librarian finally saved my life. I was talking to her as I checked out my typical 40 book load of materials to scan for worthwhile research to add via quotes and paraphrases into my chapters. I told her of my uncertainty constantly as to if my paper sounded and was looking right. She told me, “Well, you know, every dissertation that has ever been written by a graduate of this university are in our stacks (of course now they’ll probably be available in digital format as well), and you could look at some to get an idea of what other students have done!” This advice ultimately saved my life. Let me tell you how.

When I went to the stacks to view these dissertations, I found stacks not only of papers on literature, but all kinds of papers on Southern authors, which was my area of specialization. Even though I didn’t find any papers on my specific author of focus, William Styron, I found another way to find papers on him that were of value—Interlibrary Loan—free and available to any enrolled university student.

What To Do With Dissertations from Your School—Even If They Are Not on Your Specific Topic

First, let me tell you how papers written by graduates of your school can help. First, you can look at them to see how they are formatted. Like the margins I told you about, papers follow very strict and unusual formatting rules because they are going to be bound (provided covers for and stitched down the middle, like any book you pick up off the shelf).

You can use these alone to get an idea about all the different parts of a paper—such as the table of contents, acknowledgements, etcetera.

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