A Brief Tutorial On Writing A Dissertation In Junior Education

Writing a dissertation in junior education can be confusing since it might be the first time you are doing so. However, as long as you put in an effort in researching your topic, making enough references and organizing the paper in a logical way it should not be a problem. Here are the steps you can follow to make it easier for you:

  • It is important that you have a clear thesis statement in mind. This should be based on your opinion along with a certain amount of research that you have carried out on the topic. If your thesis statement is unclear and vague, the entire essay will seem more general than to the point. So the title of your essay should be the main point of your dissertation.

  • Make a timetable for yourself. A dissertation is not exactly like all other essays that you have written till date. This will require more detail, references and homework, and if you don’t have a timetable planned for yourself, you might begin to run out of time. So set aside dates for research and then set aside the dates for writing the paper. This way you can keep track of whether you are sticking to your schedule.

  • Your essay is going to be a piece of academic writing. This means that it should not be one big chunk of your own thoughts and opinions on the topic. It should be logically organised where you argue the main point while supplying it with evidence and concrete references made to other sources.

  • Organization is key. This is the reason why your paper should have a logical flow - Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion is the main framework that you should follow. Your Discussion section should also include parts where you divide it up between your thesis statement and clear references and evidence. You should try and not go back and forth between different points as much as possible. This can be confusing for the reader. Your conclusion should state how you have proven the original thesis statement through your research.

  • Include a Bibliography. This should be included in your paper to list out the sources you have used for references. This will add authenticity to your work.

A dissertation in junior education will only help train you to write better ones in the future, so you should try and follow the above rules as much as possible without worrying too much about making mistakes.

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