How To Write A Dissertation Abstract: Searching For A Strong Example

A dissertation abstract should have several components. While each dissertation is different, the structural components of the abstract are largely similar in all research papers. When writing an abstract, one of the critical things to remember is the significance of the research. This is important since the number of words or sentences that you will write shall depend on the importance of each the component to your research.

The main components include the significance and background of the study, the research strategy you pursued, your findings, and the conclusions you arrived at. To get a good idea of what to include in your abstract, it pays to look at a couple of examples. When searching for a strong example on how to write a dissertation abstract, there are three options you may consider.


You can learn how to write a dissertation abstract by searching for a strong example from the library in your college. Most college libraries usually keep a vast collection of various types of academic papers. These academic papers range from different types of essays to detailed research papers that have been written by previous scholars from your college. In most cases, the library will tend to keep a collection of exceptionally well-researched and written papers. You will easily find a strong example of an abstract by looking at some of these research papers. You can talk to the library staff to help you locate some of these papers.

Online Journals

You can also learn how to write a dissertation abstract by searching for a strong example from online journals. There are numerous online journals you can use. These journals usually contain a multitude of peer reviewed research papers. You can search according to subject, author, or titles to find one that relates to your discipline, topic or subject. However, you need to be a member of such journals or a member of an institution that has subscribed to such journals in order to gain access. In most cases, you will find that your college or department has subscribed to such journals and you can request your instructor to assist you get the password.

Professors and Supervisor

Alternatively, you can get a strong example of a research paper abstract by talking to your professor or instructor. Most professors, lecturers and instructors have access to a range of academic resources. Additionally, most of them will be glad to help students in their academic work. They will gladly refer you to a source where you can find great and strong examples of abstracts.

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