How To Create A Doctoral Dissertation Bibliography: A Quick Guide

The bibliography is an essential and more essentially, inevitable part of a doctoral dissertation. But before learning the various ways to create a bibliography, we should strive to develop a clear understanding of the term. In simple words, a bibliography is a list of sources that the researcher uses or refers to while creating the dissertation. Aside written materials that are quoted or referenced, the bibliography may also include some visual media.

All sources that have significantly contributed to the development of the dissertation should be listed down in the bibliography.

Stages in bibliography creation

While the bibliography is poised to figure only towards the end of the writing, but they are crucial to the research right from the moment the work begins. The ideal way to find out more about useful resources from where you may source information is to take help of seminal works that have been done in the field.

On several occasions, you may consult the latest papers that have been developed by the noted researchers. If you are doing a bibliography in Romance studies, the genre here becomes romance. So, you will be expected to include in your bibliography sources that are not only in English, but also significant romance literature from other languages.

These initial work that you do with the bibliographies of other researchers, will give you an idea of the amount of work that has already been covered and the work that is yet to be done.

Annotation is important

It is important that you develop a sense for annotation right since the beginning of the dissertation. Many first time researchers are akin to thinking that they will remember the worthwhile lines from the sources that they go through.

But after about a year of research into a dissertation, you should figure out the need for marking lines in books and bookmarking online material that you will use. Imperatively, this will also make life a lot easier when you will set out to create the dissertation.

Also, as you continue with the endless reading and writing, the bibliography will become more and more refined. When you finally create the bibliography at the end of the dissertation, it will turn out to be a genuine work of excellence.

End note

Aside all the effort you put into making the bibliography, the role of formatting cannot be ignored. Whether it is a Harvard, APA or MLA type paper, it is always advisable to stick to the ground-rules of formatting.

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