Writing A Proper PhD Thesis Conclusion: Good Recommendations

Why Conclusion Is So Significant in Thesis?

Firstly, let us be very clear on the fact that- very few evaluators possess the tenacity to go through the pages after pages of a research work. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put toil, effort and planning in the body of your work. But it only confirms the fact that- an attractive beginning and a thoughtful ending can really make your thesis score high.

Time Management- The Biggest Key

While the rest of the body keeps the student busy throughout the stipulated time, the general notion is that- one can always sit and finish the conclusion off before the night of final submission. But the truth is -it always helps if you keep some buffering time at hand. Like rest of the chapters, the conclusion needs time and you should keep at least 2-3 days aside for it.

10 Solid Recommendations for Thesis Conclusion:

  • - There is no solid guideline about how many pages your conclusion of thesis must have. Depending upon the main pages of the body, you need to zero upon that.
  • - There is a marked difference between the final chapter of science and technology papers and that of humanities and social science. So take that in mind- as the latter group has the liberty to stretch the conclusion quite a bit.
  • - A conclusion must have a parting message. Though it must re-instate what you have already described in the whole body, but it must include more- whether in terms of scope of future research or the limitation of the current study.
  • - You must not write new ideas in the conclusion. But keywords, catchy terms and phrases scattered around in the whole body, may find place in conclusion in a new light.
  • - There must not be any type of sarcasm in your final chapter.
  • - If you think that the arguments in your paper lack from any strong arguments in favor of them, don’t exaggerate in conclusion.
  • - As a scholar may read your conclusion first, don’t disappoint her/him by poor standard of writing.
  • - You can take out scholarly essays from your academic library to find out how other scholars have finished off their research works. You may get inspiration from them also.
  • - You may arise some questions in the introduction chapter and put emphasis on the answers in your final chapter that- your body of work already found out the answers.
  • - A good way would be to keep notes of summaries of various chapters and then include them in conclusion.

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