A List Of The Most Inspiring Literature Thesis Topic Ideas For College

Literature is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing fields of study. Due to the vast genres, categories and sub-classifications within this field, it is apparent that literature students in college should never experience a shortage of thesis topic ideas. Here is a potential list of the most inspiring literature thesis topic ideas for college.

You may choose to conduct an analysis of an element of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, or drama as it is expressed in a literary piece of work. Some of the elements you may analyze include the characters, the plot, the theme, symbols, imagery, style, tone, and structure. Here are a few examples.

  • - In “Things Fall Apart’” Chinua Achebe uses imagery to depict the shift from traditions and cultural practices towards modernity.
  • - In “How the Cookie Crumbles,” James Hadley Chase creates a fictional character in Frank Terrell whose faith, wit and determination illustrate the unyielding spirit of the human spirit.
  • - In Romeo and Juliet, the character that plays the Nurse acts as a foil to Juliet and delights the reader with her earthy wit, warmth and helps to realize the tragedy in the play.

You may also focus your thesis on illustrating how a particular literary work reflects the specific genre’s forms, the ideas of a certain school of thought, or the characteristics of a particular literature philosophy. Here are some inspiring ideas.

  • - In “The Third and Final Continent,” three attributes that commonly recur in the literary works of immigrants are exhibited: Identity, tradition and adaptation.
  • - A critical evaluation of many attributes in “The Story of an Hour” shows how institutions, expected demeanor and language are used to limit the aspirations and desires of women in society.
  • In the “Endgame,” by Samuel Beckett, attributes of “Theater of the Absurd” are reflected in its supposedly trivial dialogue, its modest stage setting, and its nihilist or apocalyptic vision.

You can also choose a thesis that draws parallels between a certain element in a literary work and real-life subject matters or situations. These could be things like historical events, medical diagnoses, or the author’s life. Here are some examples to consider.

  • - In the play “Aminata” by Francis Imbuga, Ababio displays suicidal behavior that an informed adult might have realized and taken remedial action had the adult possessed the scientific information available today.
  • - Through the experience of Captain Durrand in “The Diligent,” accurately exhibits the historical record of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in its descriptions of the usually inhuman conditions that slaves were often kept in the slave ships that sailed across the Atlantic.

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