The Top 20 Interesting Ideas For Dissertations In The Field Of Psychology

Many fields share borders with psychology including marketing, sociology and even anthropology. This can make selection of a topic somewhat difficult because you could easily create a hybrid topic that would have appeal to an even wider segment of the population.

This method is simple enough to try without assistance so it will not be dealt with in any detail here. Instead, the aim is to use topics that are unexpected to hook the reader and draw them in to the rest of the study. In this sense you could definitely be seen to apply a Marketing principle or two but this need not be cause for alarm.

If you are interested in a topic that will give readers pause, look at the ones listed below and see if any of them are interesting enough for you to try:

  1. Effects of Prozac on neutered mice
  2. Can cigarette smoking improve self esteem?
  3. Should exercise be a mandatory inclusion in every treatment case?
  4. Should shoe shopping addiction be added to the DSM?
  5. Drivers who meditate more courteous on the road?
  6. Does yoga scientifically promote calmness?
  7. How effective is the power of prayer?
  8. Do confident people live longer?
  9. Does feeling unattractive lead to depression and anxiety?
  10. Should more psychological issues be treated by exposure to trained ‘therapy’ dogs
  11. Can rabbits, cats and other animals be considered as replacements for dogs in animal therapy
  12. Are there any psychological advantages to believing in creatures thought by the rest of the world to be myths?
  13. How can lucid dreaming make someone a better student?
  14. Is there any evidence that the negative emotions of a person can linger in some way within the walls of a home they once occupied?
  15. Are there any psychological ramifications for children raised in single sex homes?
  16. How much can pre-verbal babies understand about body language?
  17. Does the anxiety occur before hives appear or does anxiety increase once hives are discovered on a person so prone.
  18. What are the psychological realities of being allergic to something common that others generally enjoy?
  19. How does the exposure to pushy vegans lead to backlash and an increased likelihood of consuming more meat
  20. What are the psychological ramifications of growing up within a nudist colony?

There will obviously be some on that list that are better than others but you will have to decide what exactly that means. What works for you might go poorly for someone else.

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