15 Interesting Renewable Energy Dissertation Ideas For University Students

he need to effectively and efficiently manage our diminishing fossil fuel reserves, and massive changes in the climate are two of the largest challenges our planet is currently facing. To ensure that we have a secured future for us now, and the following generations, there is a widely accepted belief that the time to act is now. We can no longer wait to substantially cut the amount of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, or reduce our consumption of energy. To ensure that this tackling of global warming is a priority, world leaders signed the Kyoto Protocol. By signing this international treaty, countries committed to reduce their emissions of six greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide, down to the levels they were at in 1990.

With the rapid increase of the world's population, the possibility of running out of resources is becoming a real worry. Finding new ideas for renewable energy sources keep researchers and scientists diligently working towards a new process that will ensure our energy needs across the globe are met for many years to come. If you are writing your dissertation on renewable energy, here are 15 interesting topics that you may want to consider:

  • Utilizing alternative secondary fluids for indirect refrigeration systems: Investigating and developing the thermophysical properties.

  • The science of porous surfaces: Enhancing and increasing heat transfer.

  • Start-up speeds for concentrated solar power: A comprehensive study into the limitations which have been imposed.

  • Supersonic exit velocities: Experimenting with measured loss in an annual sector cascade.

  • The 50kW heating capacity brine-water propane pump for heat: An experimental evaluation.

  • A thermal energy storage model: Implementation, validation, and verification of sustainability.

  • Integrating a quiet cooling system which is energy efficient and compact into an innovative and novel household product.

  • Optimum operational strategy and design optimization in a polygeneration energy system.

  • Buildings equipped with snow melting or indoor pools: Dimensioning the heat pump systems.

  • Off grid power generation: Building and maintaining a small scale control system.

  • Development processes for self-sustainable housing utilizing a renewable energy source.

  • Optimization and parametric study of a packed rock bed used for the storage of thermal energy and the final cost analysis for various concepts of concentrated solar power storage.

  • Photovoltaic applications: The modeling, development, and validation of an optical concentrating system.

  • Hyperbolic and crossed compound parabolic concentrators: An optical characterization.

  • Heat transfer modeling: Exact morphology and direct pore level macroscopic optical properties of snow based on tomography.

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